New Board Chair Technology Orientation - Start Here!

This article will give you a quick overview of the technology you will use in your role as Board chair. 

First of all, thank you for volunteering your time! As a new board chair, you should have received 2 things:

  1. Email address that looks something like:
  2. Copier code which is a 4 digit number that begins with 1. (This will be required if you need to make copies at the church)

If you haven’t received these, yet, please contact the congregation president or

These are the primary technology tools you will need in your role as a chair of your board. 

  • Google Tools
    • GMail
    • Google Groups
    • Chrome browser (not required but highly recommended)
  • Church 360

Google Tools

You will use Google Groups and GMail to communicate with your boards. As a Board Chair, you should have receive a Google Account (or email address)  that looks something like:

You will use your Google account to log onto Google and manage your Google Group. 

A Google Group is just a handy tool that helps you communicate more easily as a Board using just one email address. You  will add all your board members to the group, and everyone on your board will be able to send and receive the emails using that one email address.  

You can do all of this with the Edge or Safari browsers, but the Chrome browser integrates the best with the Google tools.

Church 360

Church 360 is the tool we use to store information about our members. You might want to use Church 360 to get information such as reports of member attendance, find phone numbers and email addresses, and basically do tasks related to finding information about members. You can get to this tool from Hope’s website,, and then clicking on the "Members" link in the top right hand of the window. If you have never used it, you may need to request a username first by filling out the form on the Members login page.


  • Google (GMail and Google Groups) is used to COMMUNICATE with your board members
  • Church 360 is used to FIND information about members
  • The copier code will be needed when anyone on your board needs to copy or print something at the church.

Are you ready to get started?

Do you have your Hope Google Account? Click on the links below to follow these simple steps:

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