Send emails to your Board

Once your Board's Google group is set up, communicating with them is as easy as just sending an email to the Board group email address from you Board chair email account.

You, as Board Chair, first must make sure that your Board's Google Group is updated with all of your Board members. If you need to double-check to make sure that is done, please refer to this article:

Update your Board Google Group with the new Board Member

It is important to remember that ONLY emails that are listed as members of the group will be able to send and receive emails using the Board's email address! If you have a member that is not getting emails, make sure to confirm which email address they are using, and double-check it in the Board's Google Group!!!

The Board Chair will send an email address to your Board group's email address. Other Board members will be able to send emails to the Board group email address from the email that is listed in the group.

The email of your Board's group will look something like this:

Any reply's to this email address will also go to the entire Board. 

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