Share Photos and Videos from a Parent's Device to their Child's Hope Google Account

Students at Hope Lutheran School cannot receive any shared files or emails from outside of the domain. This is for their protection. However, sometimes, the parents would like to share a photo or video with their child's Hope Google Account. The best way to do this is to add the child's Hope Google Account to the parent's mobile device and then email it "To:"  their child's Hope Google Account "From:" the same Hope Google account. 

Before you begin: (You only need to do this once to set up your device to share with a Hope Google Account)

Add your child's Hope Google Account to your device. Click on your phone type, if you need instructions on how to do this.


Anytime you want to share: 

Navigate to the location on your device where your photo or video resides and tap the share icon

  • Apple: - noun_Upload_652863.png
  • Android: noun_Share_symbol_1868078.png

Choose your mail app and type your child's Hope Google Account in the "To:" field.

Then type your child's Hope Google Account in the "From:" field.

Press send.


Your child will receive an email from themselves with the attachment you sent them. They can then choose to download it or add it to their Google Drive where they can access it for their assignments or projects.


  • Apple Share symbol Upload by Nancy from the Noun Project
  • Android Share symbol by ProSymbols from the Noun Project
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